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top benefits of starting yoga during #movewithKIND
published by Owen | published on March 6 2022

Throughout #movewithKIND, we’ve been trying to get the nation moving more in any way possible, ranging from the people training for marathons, to more everyday movement like taking the stairs in the office rather than the lift. As movement is so important to both our physical and mental wellbeing, incorporating new ways to get the blood pumping shouldn’t be difficult and that’s why we’re trying to educate on some of the simplest and best ways this can be achieved. Yoga is something that is hugely popular around the globe with around 300 million people regularly practicing it. It can be hugely beneficial when incorporating into your weekly movement activity – have a read below for how and why you should give it a go!

flexibility & muscle strength

We all can feel a bit stiff sometimes, especially if considering things like working from home come into play where you’re sat in the same chair for 8+ hours a day. Yoga can be great at helping with this, as after a few classes you’ll feel muscles starting to loosen as each pose becomes easier with time.

level-up your posture

No one wants to be a hunch-back! Yoga can be great at helping us to improve every aspect of our posture by helping us to stand out straight, keep our shoulders high and strong and our neck tall. This can be especially important as we get older and back and neck problems become more commonplace.

time to hit the hay

There’s nothing worse than getting into bed after a long day and still not being able to sleep. Any additional movement or exercise is good at fighting this but Yoga is in particularly. As well as being good exercise that can help tire both your brain and your body out, Yoga also focuses on different breathing exercises which can also be used when trying to drift off too!

a clear mind

If you’ve ever tried to sit and think about nothing, you’ll know how hard it can be. Yoga practice can help you quiet your mind or at least provide a time period where processing thoughts can be slowed down which can be super-helpful for things such as concentration, productivity and general mental well-being.

accessibility matters

Movement and exercise shouldn’t be exclusive to just the keenest athletes amongst us, and that’s why Yoga is so good. Moves can be adapted to be made suitable for any skill level, age or physical mobility level making it one of the most accessible forms of exercise!


Yoga is a great way for making new friends too! As with any exercise class with others, it can be a perfect place to meet like-minded individuals and broaden your social circle.

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