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Our Mission
we are KIND®.

But that's not just a brand name.
It's a state of mind. A promise. And a movement.

All born of our mission: to make the world a little kinder, one snack and one act at a time.

And the key word in that mission? AND.

See we don't believe in either/or. And when everyone else says "no way" we always find a way.

Which is why every product we make is both nutritious AND delicious. Full of real ingredients that you can see AND pronounce.

Good for us. AND good for you. AND good for your community too.

That's our recipe for success.

Because in a world that asks you to choose, we say you can have it both ways.

Snacks that taste good AND do you good.

Give KIND a try.TM

meet Daniel

Daniel Lubetzky is our founder and CEO. But he’s also a little bit more than that. He’s a champion of not-just-for-profit business. He’s a visionary social entrepreneur. on a mission to build bridges between people. And he’s also the author of the New York Times bestseller Do The KIND Thing.