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top fitness trends for 2022
published by Owen | published on January 17 2022

Over the last couple of years we have seen a massive change our relationship with exercise and the ways in which we move. Gym classes became virtual, the home gym became a lot more fashionable and we all began to appreciate the simple things like going for a walk a lot more in the post-covid world. As 2022 is now here, we want to keep finding the newest and most exciting ways to get moving so have a read below of the latest trends taking over the fitness world this year.

making the home gym smart

Sometimes leaving the house to make the long journey to the gym can be too much to take and that’s why a home gym set up can be so useful. Obviously, we don’t all live in MTV Cribs style mansions with a full gym and pool so making the most of the space you do have is crucial. During this increase in demand for home gym equipment, we’ve seen the rise of smart-fitness brands like Peloton that are continued to grow in demand in 2022 – what other smart-fitness products do you think will grow in popularity in the next year?

holistic takeover

The public’s attitude towards health and wellness has shift massively over the last few years with more of a focus now being placed on mental wellbeing and actual enjoyment of a workout routine to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. This includes things like incorporating breathing exercises, yoga, rest days and more to get a more well-rounded and balanced routine. This is only going to continue to grow in 2022!

women-only gyms

Although not a new idea as they were first seen in the 1930s, women’s only gyms have seen a resurgence of late and we think this is going to continue in 2022. Due to things like the TikTok hashtag #WomensOnlyGyms aswell as a call for more safe spaces for women, we’re sure more of these kind of gyms will begin to crop up across city centres around the UK in 2022.

inclusive fitness apps

As home workouts are so popular now, new fitness apps are coming out every day to tap into this demand. One area in which there is still room for improvement though is fitness apps that are more inclusive for everyone. No matter what you gender, race, physical ability, age and more is, there are new fitness apps releasing all the time to help make your fitness regime one you enjoy and feel comfortable with.

getting outdoors

The last few years have made everyone want to get out more and this is especially true regarding how you exercise. Getting outdoors to exercise is as desirable as ever and this is something that will continue to be popular in 2022.

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