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move with kind
published by Owen | published on January 1 2022

At KIND, we know the benefits of movement & making it a part of our every day lives. Movement fuels our energy, enhances our organ health, aids our circulation and balances our sugar levels. It increases our resilience to stress, improves our sleep and enhances our mood which helps with mental health. We also know that fitness can be intimidating & inaccessible so we want to remind people that fitness can be fun! From walking to dancing to jumping to playing your favourite sport - we want to remind people that ANY sort of movement is amazing. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips on how you can incorporate more movement in to your daily routine. Enjoy!

1. spice up your commute

Bike to work once a week to make your routine a bit more interesting by getting some fresh air on 2 wheels.
2. make your household chores fun
Dancing can be great movement for anyone so whilst you’re cleaning or cooking, put on your favourite music and shake a leg.
3. start your day right
Blow off the cobwebs in the morning with a ten-minute stretching routine to get your day off to a great start.
4. watch TV but make it active
Get the blood pumping with some hula hooping or skipping during the ad breaks of your favourite shows.
5. sort out your garden
although it may be cold outside, gardening is a productive way of getting some extra movement in to your day.
6. post-dinner movement
A quick stroll after an evening meal can feel great and is a great way to get moving.
7. try something new
have a look online at the sports clubs in a local area and try something completely new to you.
8. walk & talk
Whether it’s on the phone or in-person, take your meeting on the go to get outside and move more.
9. puppy love
Get a 4-legged friend as nothing beats puppy dog eyes at making you feel guilty for not getting out there for a walk or run. If you don’t want the commitment of having a dog, offer to walk a friends once a week!
10. park further away
when you go shopping, just parking a bit further away can increase your steps for the day and get you moving more.

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