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however you move, move with KIND®

at KIND®, we know the benefits of movement & making it a part of our every day lives. movement fuels our energy, enhances our organ health, aids our circulation and balances our sugar levels. it increases our resilience to stress, improves our sleep and enhances our mood which helps with mental health.

we also know that fitness can be intimidating & inaccessible so we want to remind people that fitness can be fun! from walking to dancing to jumping to playing your favourite sport - we want to remind people that any sort of movement is amazing.

join the #movewithKIND 120 strava challenge

we want to get the nation moving. what you do is up to you, but what we do encourage is for you to try something new!

with a range of activities to choose from to complete this challenge, choose something that benefits your physical & mental health to move with kind.

with the #movewithKIND 120 challenge, complete 120 minutes of exercise within a week to get 25% off to spend on the KIND® site as well as being entered into a prize draw to win an apple watch.

let's get moving! #movewithKIND

need some inspiration ?

top tips to get you moving

  • bike to work once a week.
  • turn your house cleaning into a dance party.
  • start your day with a 10 minute stretching routine.
  • get moving during the ad breaks of your favourite tv shows.
  • go for a post-dinner walk.
  • take your meeting on the go.
  • get a 4-legged friend to help get you moving.

get moving
with our

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