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protein bar?


think again.

introducing KIND protein

Toasted Caramel Nut Protein

Toasted Caramel Nut has all the goodness of crunchy whole almonds and peanuts, drizzled with rich toasted caramel that makes this a protein bar like no other.

Double Dark Chocolate Nut Protein

Double up on taste with this rich blend of delicious dark chocolate, crunchy whole nuts and 12g of protein for a satisfying boost of energy.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Protein

The perfect blend of smooth peanut butter with the added crunch of whole peanuts for a delicious plant-protein hit.

the great tasting, all natural protein bar

Each bar is made out of whole, all natural ingredients and has 12g of protein. 8 grams of protein comes directly from peanuts, making it the perfect snack for daily exercise and getting through the day!

  • good source of protein

  • kosher

  • gluten free

  • low glycemic index

  • good source of fiber

  • low sodium

  • 0g trans fat

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