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October 23rd – November 13th

why 21 days? science says it takes 21 days to develop a new habit so we’re putting that to the test.

being kind helps to lower stress levels and release the body’s feel-good hormones, aswell as boosting your immune
system, reducing blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

right now, the world needs more kindness.

so, we’re asking you to take part in our #21DAYSKIND challenge.

make a habit of being kind – and enjoy the benefits of kindness.

download our #21DAYSKIND journal HERE to help make kindness a habit.

#21DAYSKIND is a great way to enable kindness through LIVE KIND and to dedicate time, energy & passion in to our own lives and the community around us.

check out some ideas here on how to be kind to our bodies, our planet and our community.

don’t forget to capture your acts of kindness by tagging #21DAYSKIND on social platforms.

be kind to our bodies

  • dedicate this day to your physical, mental or emotional health.

  • take time for self-care.

  • participate in activities like a charity run, meditation, yoga, workout etc.

  • try a new recipe and cook a nutritious meal.

  • try a new hobby you always wanted to go for.

be kind to our planet

  • join an urban cleanup.

  • plant trees or help in a community garden.

  • use a reusable water bottle or coffee cup.

  • upcycle some old furniture.

  • cycle/walk to work pick up 15 bits of litter.

be kind to our communities

  • volunteer at a local elderly home.

  • organize a food or clothing drive.

  • support a local food bank or shelters.

  • volunteer at a local charity organisation.

  • offer virtual mentoring sessions for a local school or community.


ahead of World Kindness Day 2021, we’ve asked some of our favourite people to join our mission to build a habit of kindness – check them out below.

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